There are two primary paint formulations used in application of paints (lines or logos) to athletic fields: aerosol and bulk paint. The aerosol paint may be applied as a line using a “striper” and the bulk paint using roller, paint brush, or pressurized sprayer.  The pressurized sprayer is most commonly used with either low pressure (from CO2 tanks or compressed air) or high pressure (often called an airless sprayer). The benefits of aerosol paint compared to bulk paint are convenience and less need of cleanup after use. The downside is all the spent cans that are discarded and end up in a landfill and high paint cost. Other than clean-up, the downside to bulk paint is the significant cost of the application machine. A new product on the market (Starliner) provides a new alternative to each of these methods. It uses paint from a sealed cardboard box and the relatively inexpensive application machine uses an electric motor to pressurize the system to deliver the paint. A relative cost comparison of the three different application methods is below:



Paint type

Linear ft.







1000 linear ft.

Soccer  small

Soccer large

H. S. football










Aerosol (18 oz.)



$ 25

$ 45

$ 50

$ 115

$ 100









Starliner electric



$ 32

$ 57

$ 65

$ 148

$ 380




$ 20

$ 36

$ 40

$ 92










Airless sprayer



$ 8

$ 14


$ 20

$ 1600- 3200



Starliner has 2 speed options. This changes painted area per box of paint.

All products can be bought in bulk to reduce price.