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Fairy ring beginning in Southern NC

June 8, 2009
by Grady Miller

Fairy rings have begun to show in the past week on golf greens in Wilmington and Charlotte. Symptoms were observed in areas that were not treated with preventive fungicides earlier this spring.  Type II (green) rings were observed in both cities, and puffballs were also evident in Charlotte.  The current wet weather pattern has restricted disease severity, however, Type I (killing) rings can develop very quickly with this week’s forecasted temperature increase.   Now may be the last chance to get ahead of the fairy ring epidemic, but use caution particularly with DMI fungicide use in hot temperatures.

For more information about fairy ring and preventive fungicide use, please visit:

Lee Miller is currently collecting fairy ring samples to assess pathogen diversity in the region.  If you have fairy ring symptoms and would like to have them included in the study please contact Lee at

Fairy Rings 
Fairy Ring Mushrooms

Fairy Rings on Creeping Bentgrass 
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