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A new product has entered the war on turf insects

July 16, 2008
by Rick Brandenburg

DuPont Professional Products has launched of a new insecticide for the golf and lawn markets in 2008 that contains an entirely new class of chemistry and mode of action. AceleprynTM insecticide, is the first insecticide in the new anthranilic diamide class of chemistry. AceleprynTM has been developed to provide control of white grubs and other key insect pests. It contains the new active ingredient DuPontTM CalteryxTM insecticide, and will offer turf professionals consistent performance, low application rates plus an excellent toxicological and environmental profile. DuPontTMAceleprynTM has been classified as a reduced risk insecticide by the EPA. and has received EPA registration.

For more information on this product see Dupont’s website at: