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Sugar Cane Beetle Attack

April 27, 2012
by Rick Brandenburg

Sugar Cane Beetles
Light Trap Catch 4/23/12, May beetle, Chafer 

Sugar Cane Beetles in soil
Sugar Cane beetles in soil

Sugar Cane Beetle Turf Damage
Sugar Cane Beetle damage on turfgrass

Adult Sugar Cane Beetle
Adult Sugar Cane Beetle

As of last week, sugarcane beetle numbers have started to climb. Light trap catches have yielded approximately 30 adults/site but I anticipate the numbers to climb steadily through the first half of May. Adult sugarcane beetles are extremely active and can cause damage to the turf by tunneling near the soil surface and feeding on the grass. Remember, sugarcane beetle larvae are white grubs so it can be difficult to tell if you have a SCB problem without monitoring for them. If you have access to light traps, set one out and monitor weekly for the adults. If you suspect you may have a problem, contact Terri Hoctor ( for information.

Monitoring is the key to anticipating and preventing an outbreak!

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