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Syngenta has a couple of new insecticides

October 18, 2012
by Rick Brandenburg

As many of you know Syngenta recently acquired a number of turf insecticides from DuPont. But they also offered up a couple of new labels of their own products. Tandem is a combination of their Scimitar and Meridian products that is similar to the Allectus and Aloft products from Bayer and Arysta, respectively, that have been out for a few years. It has several labeled uses for turf for a broad spectrum of insect pests. The other product is a change in the active ingredient for Award. As a fire ant management tool, Award has been a long-standing product in a lot of folk’s arsenal. Historically the active ingredient has been fenoxycarb and Syngenta is transitioning to abamectin as the active. The new name for this product will be Award II. The new Award II does not have a pasture label.

Rick Brandenburg
Turfgrass Entomologist