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NC State Workshop Explores Innovative Technologies for Water Re-use and Increasing Water Supply

August 16, 2010
by TurfFiles Webmaster


NC State Workshop Explores Innovative Technologies for Water Re-use and Increasing Water Supply at the 2nd Annual Water and Wastewater Reuse for Clean, Green, and Smart Rural and Urban Communities Workshop, August 24-26th in Greensboro, NC
-          Workshop includes five local site visits to see water recycling in action including stops at the Oak Ridge Commercial District, Northern Guilford School Complex, and Lexington Golf Course  - 

Greensboro, N.C. – Municipalities, states, land developers and water utilities are looking at ways to recapture and recycle water to stem increasing strains on the water supply.  The 2nd Annual Water and Wastewater Reuse for Clean, Green, and Smart Rural and Urban Communities in Greensboro, NC, in conjunction with NC State University, presents a workshop to discuss how local, state and regional businesses and communities can recycle and re-use both black and gray water to save money and replenish the local water supply. This new approach to green development uses “Decentralized Water Reclamation” (DWR) technologies that regenerate new water from used wastewater, roof rainwater, etc.

Developers and reuse engineers from across North America will provide their lessons learned on how to safely treat and reuse wastewater and greywater as well as use rainwater harvesting as non-potable water supplies for commercial buildings, shopping centers, golf courses, hotels and even in high-rise residential buildings in New York City. 

Developers and local NC counties as well as experts from the EPA and the CDC in Atlanta will discuss how communities and individual buildings can capture and re-use water at the point of use and need. 

A special tour will take place August 25th to visit sites that currently capture, treat and re-use water on-site saving facilities money and easing strain on the local water supply.   For example, attendees will visit:

  • Northern Guilford Middle and High School Complex in Guilford County to learn about the school’s rooftop rainwater harvesting system for toilet and urinal flush waters and use of the Living Machine® wastewater re-use technology for supply of irrigation water. 
  • The tour will also visit the Lexington Golf Course, which uses a technique called “sewer mining”.  They collect sewer waste from a nearby pipeline, treat it using a DWR system hidden in the golf course, and turn it into a beneficial source of irrigation water for the same property. 
  • A National Innovation Center for reuse technology development in Greensboro that is developing and serving as a proving ground for new DWR technology brought from Europe

Speakers will include:

-          Mike Hoover, PhD, NC State University, lead organizer of the event

-          Nicholas Ashbolt, PhD, USEPA, leading the effort to bring Australian reuse technology to the US

-          Patrick Lucey, Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting, a leader in community development with reuse technology in western Canada

-          Shane Keaney, Bord na Mona - US, overseeing a testing and research facility in Greensboro laying the groundwork for Irish reuse technology; also serving as an international DWR expert

-          Vic D'Amato, Tetra Tech - leading research on reuse technologies and community applications

-          Tom Bruursema, NSF International - developing national standards for decentralized reuse

-          Bob Rubin, PhD, emeritus Professor at NC State University – demonstrating barrier-breaking reuse examples in NC and the US for water savings during droughts and disaster relief efforts

-          Max Zarate-Bermudez, Ph.D., CDC-Atlanta (Centers for Disease Control) Epidemiologist, - presenting results from a national CDC/NCSU study of DWR systems throughout US

Workshop topics include: Why Traditional Water Supply Approaches Won’t Work Anymore; Community-scale Reuse Lessons Learned; Decentralized Reuse: The Need for a New Water Supply Paradigm in the US; DWR Technologies Overview; Use of DWR at Businesses, Hotels and Facilities; and Reuse Rules and Regulations.
Learn from the:

  • Researchers who have studied the performance of DWR technology in communities and at individual facilities, small and large, in the city center and in rural areas
  • Developers who have successfully used DWR to provide high-quality non-potable reuse waters for irrigation, toilet flushing, cooler/chiller makeup water, etc.
  • Green Builders who have used DWR technology and have the financial results
  • Regulators who have studied and approved DWR technology
  • Operators who have provided long-term care and O&M of DWR systems
  • Community Leaders who have seen their citizens benefit from it
  • Business Owners who have seen their bottom line improve while keeping their facilities sustainable and the environment green even during droughts.

For more information on the workshop and to attend, visit: or contact Joni Tanner at or 919-513-1678. Pre-registration is advised as space is limited.

The event will take place at the:


NewBridge Bank Headquarters Building

4th Floor Conference Room

1501 Highwoods Blvd.

Greensboro, North Carolina 27410