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Control of Summer Annual Grasses and Winter Broadleaf Weeds with Echelon 4SC

March 7, 2013
by Fred Yelverton and Travis Gannon

A side-by-side photo of goosegrass and crabgrass
Goosegrass (L) and Crabgrasses (R)

There are many lawns throughout the state that soon will be infested with crabgrass and / or goosegrass but at this time are infested with various winter annual broadleaf weeds. Depending on the broadleaf weed species present, there may be one herbicide choice for you regardless of turf species.

Echelon 4SC is registered by FMC Corporation and is a mixture of prodiamine and sulfentrazone. A great advantage of Echelon 4SC is that it is labeled in residential as well as nonresidential turf and has tolerance to all major turfgrasses grown in NC except St. Augustinegrass.

The prodiamine component of Echelon 4SC provides preemergence smooth crabgrass and goosegrass control. Prodiamine also controls these grassy weeds in the one to two leaf growth stages if immediately activated with rainfall or irrigation, but we do not recommend waiting this late to apply, it should be applied at typical preemergent timing! Sulfentrazone provides postemergence control of various common winter broadleaf weeds such as Carolina geranium, common chickweed, parsley-piert, speedwell species and yellow woodsorrel. Not all annual broadleaf weeds and very few perennial broadleaf weeds are controlled with sulfentrazone, so proper identification is important! Sulfentrazone also controls goosegrass in the one to four leaf growth stage but as with prodiamine, we do not recommend waiting this late to spray! Just remember that Echelon 4SC is pretty forgiving on crabgrass and goosegrass in the seedling stage if watered in immediately.

Apply Echelon 4SC up to 12 fl oz/A on bentgrass maintained at 0.5 inch height of cut, fine fescue and perennial ryegrass. 18 to 24 fl oz/A can be applied to perennial bluegrass, tall fescue and all warm season turfgrasses except St. Augustinegrass (do not apply). Bermudagrass can withstand an application rate up to 36 fl oz/A.

Do not use adjuvants or surfactants with Echelon 4SC. Also, do not apply to cool season turfgrasses with water-soluble nitrogen fertilizers unless short-term discoloration is tolerable. Always read the specific label for weed species controlled, turf tolerances and any other important information.