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Efforts to slow down methyl bromide cancellation successful

November 3, 2009
by TurfFiles Webmaster

News and announcements: Nov. 3, 2009

Efforts to slow down methyl bromide cancellation successful At a meeting Oct. 29, senior officials of the U.S. EPA assured GCSAA and manufacturers of methyl bromide (MeBr) that the agency would not cancel golf course MeBr use immediately and will work with the product registrants over the next several weeks to determine a phase-out schedule.

Manufacturers had asked for MeBr to be available until the end of 2014 to allow for suitable alternatives to be developed, but the EPA denied that request. It is hoped the agency will now agree to at least a 3-4 year phase-out schedule. But even in a worst-case scenario, it is likely the phase out would be no sooner than the end of 2011. It is also likely that under any phase-out plan, end users would be able to use any packaged material until the supply is exhausted.

GCSAA members wrote letters and made calls to Congress urging their representatives to press the EPA to agree to a reasonable timetable for an orderly methyl bromide cancellation process. Thanks to these grassroots efforts by members, golf facilities will continue to have access to this important soil fumigant tool for the next couple of years.

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