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General Infomation

A perennial that forms large dense mats and is invasive to many agricultural and aquatic communities.

Biological Control

Biological Control of Aquatic Weeds with Triploid Grass Carp

Grass carp may feed lightly on weeds in this group, but control is usually unacceptable.



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Species Data


Opposite, attached to the stem, and strap to oval in shape.


White and cloverlike. Found on a short petiole at the end of the stem. Habitat: Grows rampantly in canals, ditches, wetlands, and slow-moving streams and rivers. Native to South America, but naturalized in the southeastern U.S.


Usually hollow, and roots prolifically from the nodes.

Similar Species

Water willow and creeping water primrose typically have solid stems. Creeping water primrose leaves are alternate, and flowers are yellow.

Aquatic Plants App

Whether you're a professional botanist or a casual nature enthusiast, the NC State University (NCSU) Aquatic Weeds app has detailed information on a wide variety of aquatic weeds to assist in identification.