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Creeping Water Primrose

General Infomation

A perennial plant distributed across the southern tier of the U.S. Stems and leaves are usually hairy.


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Species Data


Rooted, often floating. Grows on streambanks or in shallow water. In very shallow water the plant grows upright, but in deeper water the floating stems and leaves will be apparent on the surface.


Alternate and vary in shape from rounded to lanceolate, even on the same plant. Shoots develop in early spring.


Solitary, bright yellow in color, with five petals and five sepals.


Some species have been reported to grow up to 25 ft deep.

Similar Species

Alligatorweed has hollow stems, opposite leaves, and white, cloverlike flowers. Other Ludwigia species may have one or more of these distinguishing features: opposite leaves, four petals, four sepals, lacking hairs, or erect stems.

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