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General Infomation

A low-growing perennial that forms a groundcover. Several different species are found in the U.S.

Biological Control

Biological Control of Aquatic Weeds with Triploid Grass Carp

Grass carp may feed lightly on weeds in this group, but control is usually unacceptable.



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Species Data


Often found in ditches, along shorelines, and in marshy turf.


Round with shallow serrations along the edge. Peltate and umbellate. The petioles for the leaves arise vertically from the stems.


Small, and white, forming a globe at the end of a stem.


White, and generally creeping along the ground.

Similar Species

May be confused with kidneyleaf mudplantain, but leaves are heart shaped.

Aquatic Plants App

Whether you're a professional botanist or a casual nature enthusiast, the NC State University (NCSU) Aquatic Weeds app has detailed information on a wide variety of aquatic weeds to assist in identification.