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Scoliid Wasp


Scoliid wasps are dark in color, often metalic, relatively large, robust, slightly hairy insects with light yellow spots or other markings. One of the most common Scoliid wasps in North Carolina is Scolia dubia. It is sometimes referred to as the blue-winged wasp. The adult is over one-half inch long with black antennae and a shiny black head, thorax and fore abdomen. About midway along the abdomen are two yellow spots (one on each side). These may appear as a band across the abdomen when the wasp is flying. The latter portion of the abdomen is brownish and somewhat fuzzy. The wings are dark blue.

Cultural Control

Since there is no record of anyone having been stung by Scoliid wasps, no control measures seem needed. Their presence, however, means that grubs are present. A little monitoring for an infestation may be appropriate.

Chemical Control

Insecticide and Formulation
Amount per 1,000 sq ft
Precaution and Remarks

carbaryl* (Sevin) 80 WSP

1.5 oz

pyrethroids* (Advanced Garden, Battle, Deltagard, Menace, Scimitar, Talstar, Tempo)

See label