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Fire Ant Tool Available for $15

March 18, 2010
By TurfFiles Webmaster

Need to treat for fire ants, but aren't sure which product to use? Confounded by the many products and confusing labels? Aren't sure which product can be used where?

This tool will help you choose among only the products labeled for your particular site. You choose the site, whether greenhouse or football field. You can pick products for professionals or for homeowners. Need to give an organic recommendation? You can choose that, too.

You'll be able to choose from mound treatments, baits, and broadcast treatments. You'll be able to check the labels immediately to be sure this product meets your specifications.

There are also useful links to Nursery regulations and guidelines to compare costs of homeowner products.

If you ever give recommendations for applying fire ant treatments in nursery, golf course or other landscape settings, or if you treat in different settings yourself, this tool will show you which products you can legally use to suit your needs. COST: $15