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First Annual Dr. Art Bruneau Golf Tournament

August 25, 2009
By Arthur Bruneau and Rob Richardson

Art Bruneau and others standing behind hole 1 sponsorship sign
A man tees off from hole 1
Parked golf carts
A lady selling mulligan certificates for the tournament
The par sign for hole 1 at Lonnie Poole golf course
A Department of Crop Science sponsorship sign by a putting green
A man sitting in a golf cart
A man walking on a putting green
A man in a white shirt finishing his golf swing
A man in a white shirt and a green hat finishing his golf swing
A man in a red shirt finishing his golf swing
A man in a white shirt and a red hat finishing his golf swing
A man in a white shirt and a white hat sets up his golf swing
A man in mid swing

After leaving one of the most exciting and fun-filled turfgrass Field Days I can recall in recent years, players and hole sponsors were quickly ushered over to the Lonnie Poole Golf Facility Pro Shop. As golfers moved about purchasing Mulligans, Raffle ticket cards, and finding their carts, it was evident that these golf enthusiast were VERY excited to be part of the FIRST Dr. Art Bruneau Golf Tournament and Fundraisers on Lonnie Poole.

The Shot Gun start initiated with Art Auction winning Team "WeedMan". After aggressive bidding online, Weedman of North Carolina and Georgia won the bid at $1005 beating out online bidding competitors like Bayer and Fairway Green. What did this buy them? Weedman earned the privilege of being the FIRST players to tee off in the FIRST EVER Dr. Art Bruneau Golf Tournament on Lonnie Poole. What's more, they bought Art. As part of the auction, Team Weedman kicked off the tournament at their sponsored hole, Hole #1 with Art in tow. Since Dr. Bruneau is a legend in the turfgrass community for both his turf knowledge and his horrific slice, we threw in 2 FREE Mulligans to help even out the playing field.

The tournament's 88 players and their respective teams scattered to their designated holes and began what would be nearly six hours of competition. The weather turned out to be IDEAL for the tournament with even a few moments of light drizzle to help cool off players. These dedicated golfers were by no means deterred from their task at hand for this was a tournament after all, and prizes and a year's worth of bragging rights would go to the victors!

As teams came in, it grew clear, that this group was indeed a competitive lot. Using a Captains Choice format with a 2 stroke Bogie limit and unlimited Mulligan purchases, no one knew who would take the tournament. It was literally, anyone's guess. Prizes were as deep as the playing field and thanks to GOLFSMITH-everyone won with a $10 GOLFSMITH gift card. There were a lot of smiles at the awards ceremony as players received their giftcards.

As Assistant Golf Pro and NCSU Alumni, Nick Dillman took down scores and tallied results it was apparent Hole #8 Sponsor, The Environmental Plant Biology Research Group could be in the running to win the tournament. Lead by CENTERE Co-director and founder, Dr. Tom Rufty, this team pulled in a score of 57and was looking to be a favorite until the final carts pulled in and reported their scores. Their apparent lead was not to be though, in a back nine playoff tally, they were edged out into fourth place!

Once all teams were accounted for, congratulations went to:

1st Place with a score of 56:

  1. Johnathan Richardson
  2. LB Wilson
  3. Brandon Wilson
  4. Jason Jackson

Each of the First Place Winners recieved a beautiful Carolina's GCSA logo embossed leather brifcase, $100 gift certificate to the Lonnie Poole Golf Pro Shop, a $10 gift card to Golfsmith, and a lifetime's worth of bragging rights.

2nd Place - 57 Hole Number 10 Sponsor and Team: TABERNA COUNTRY CLUB, NEW BERN, NC.

  1. Fred Leonard
  2. Wade Faircloth
  3. Patrick Bryant
  4. Keith Williams

Each of the Second Place Winners recieved a beutiful Carolina's GCSA logo embossed leather padfolio, $75 gift certificate to the Lonnie Poole Golf Pro Shop, a $10 gift card to Golfsmith, and a year's worth of bragging rights.

3rd Place- 57 (back nine playoff)

  1. Larry Adcock
  2. Charles Scheffield
  3. Neil Duff
  4. Butch Sheffield

Each of the Third Place Winners recieved a Carolina's GCSA logo embossed divot repair kit, $50 gift certificate to the Lonnie Poole Golf Pro Shop, a $10 gift card to Golfsmith, and some bragging rights.

Dead Last- 74

  1. Glenn Oliver
  2. Adam Hixson
  3. Walter Thomas
  4. Kyle Keller

Last Place "Winners" recieved a $10 gift card to Golfsmith, 3 five gallon pails of used golfballs (as they obviously need the practice-and seem prone to losing balls), and are STRONGLY encouraged to buy more Mulligans next year.

Hole Sponsorship Contest Winners:

Charlean Beef Closest to the Pin Contest Winner of Hole #17

John Nelms at 1 foot 2 inches. This little shot won Mr. Nelms a gift certificate redemable for a CharLean Beef giftpack. This is great beef, raised locally. CharLean Beef was a generous sponsor of the Art Roast Dinner Scholarship Fundraiser later that evening. More than 100 people enjoyed their delicious Sirloin Salad Strips grilled to perfection following the tournament. Eat well John-you earned it with that shot! To learn more about how you can eat well visit:

Carolina Brewery's Longest Putt Contest Winner of Hole #5

Ray Best, of the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering Team. We're sure there were a few slide-rules and advanced mathematical calculations used to ENGINEER this win. His hard work paid off for his team as he took home 4 Growlers of AWARD winning Carolina Brewery Firecracker Pale Ale and Copperline Amber Beers along with a nice assortment of Carolina Brewery t-shirts and caps. A very special thank you to Carolina Brewery for helping sponsor hole #17 and the Art Roast Dinner:

The Turfgrass Council of North Carolina sponsored the Driving Range and MOST MULLIGANS USED CONTEST

The premise behind the prize for using the most mulligans was a FREE annual membership to the TCNC-because…you obviously needed one. The winner of the most Mulligan's used was our own, Dr. Art Bruneau. With team Weedman's combined 13 MULLIGANS used, they unanimously pointed to Art with laughter and jeers as their 'official' Most Mulligans user. HOWEVER, Dr. Bruneau had already been awarded a lifetime membership to the TCNC earlier in the day, so after more laughter and good natured hazing, the prize was re-gifted to a non-member teammate. We look forward to seeing him at the October 26 Rock Hill Golf & Spa Guy Hollar Memorial Tournament. Learn more at:

Raffle Prize Winners:

After purchasing more than $200 of raffle tickets and Mulligans, Ken Helmetes of Weedman, North Carolina and Georgia won a total of 12 rounds of golf at: Nags Head Golf Links (foursome), Linville Ridge (foursome), and Pinehurst Number 8 (foursome). We hope to see Mr. Helmetes and the Weedman team again next year. A spirited bidder and player, the Weedman gets what FUNdraising is all about. His good natured purchases paid out dividends - congratulations sir and enjoy your rounds of golf!

As Dr. Bruneau continued to draw card stubs for the raffle pize gift packs, he drew a 3 of Diamonds. This stub belonged to his good friend and extension agent Jim Monroe, he won a gift certificate for a foursome to Cape Fear Country Club. As we looked around the room calling the 3 of Diamonds...3 of Diamonds....NO ONE ANSWERED. Then Dr. Bruneau remembered he was asked to hold a ticket for Mr. Monroe. Wait, wait, I need to check Jim's ticket. More laughter took over the place. Sure enough, it was the 3 of Diamonds.

Additional plays to Currituck Club (foursome) were won during the deck of cards raffle draw by the 3 of hearts. Be sure to buy plenty of tickets next year to increase your chances at great prizes like these-while supporting the turfgrass program at NC State University.

The NEFF golf construction prize pack was won by the 8 of spades. This foursome of NEFF logo Titalist golf balls, Tees, and Golf towels was topped only by the 20% off coupons for their next NEFF equipment rental. If you have heavy equipment rental needs, contact the Raleigh Branch and ask for Will or email him directly at:

In all the tournament exceeeded its target fundraising goal of $7500 with proceeds going to the NC Agricultural Foundation to support the NC Turfgrass Foundation. We could not have done this tournament without the help, guidance, and generousity of several key individuals, Mr. Chip Watson, Mr. Ron Gilmore, and Assistant Golf Pro Mr, Nick Dillman, and the staff of Lonnie Poole. Mr. Tim Kreger of Carolina's GCSA, Mr. Bob Bell of Smith Turf & Irrigation, Mr. Sam Lang, of Fairways Green, Mr. Jonathan Rigsbee, Mr. Dean Baker and Mr. Fred Leonard of the TCNC. Ms. Angela Lands of CALS (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences), of course ALL of the sponsors and Art Auction winner, Mr. Ken Helmetes of Weedman. We hope to see you all next year to do it again.

Team photos will be mailed out in early September. Additional 8x10 photos may be purchaed for $10 by contacting Jenifer Jordan ( or simply click on the photo to see the larger image.