Rick Brandenburg

William Neal Reynolds Professor


3301 Gardner Hall Box 7613, NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695 - 7613


Dr. Brandenburg is professor of Entomology and his program area is Commercial Turf and Peanuts.


Dr. Brandenburg completed his B.S from Purdue University(1977) and did his Ph.D. at North Carolina State University (1981)


RESEARCH (26%) The research and education program has focused on the ecology of mole crickets and management strategies for green June beetle grubs, a proactive pheromone monitoring and degree day forecast for Oriental beetles (which recently invaded western North Carolina), southern chinch bugs, ground pearls, as well as Japanese and southern masked chafer grubs, and more recently on imported fire ants. Dr. Brandenburg teaches the warm season turfgrass insect management seminar for the Golf Course Superintendents of America Assoc. Peanut research emphasizes cost effective management of southern corn rootworms, host plant resistance, and use of cultural practices to manage tomato spotted wilt virus. Dr. Brandenburg has collaborated with Drs. Yelverton and Rufty, from the Department of Crop Science at NC State University to develop the Turfgrass Environmental Research and Education Center. Dr. Brandenburg is the Co-director of the Center along with Dr. Tom Rufty. The Center receives more than $600,000 in annual recurring contributions to fund turfgrass research and education programs at NC State University.


Dr. Brandenburg co-teaches:
ENT/CS/PP 495T - Advanced Turfgrass Pest Management
ENT801M - Extension Entomology.


EXTENSION (74%) Research for the past 12 years has focused on the development of effective management strategies for insect and mite pests of turf and peanuts. Evaluation of new control strategies including predictive modeling, pheromone traps, cultural practices, agroecosystem modifications, and biological control. Additional studies include the evaluation of new application technology, soil insect behavior, and biorational insect management strategies.
Dr. Brandenburg is the Coordinator for USAID Peanut CRSP in West Africa.

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