NC State Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics

The NC State Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics program improves both the sustainability and profitability of the turfgrass industry in North Carolina. We develop cultivars that require less maintenance and can tolerate biotic and environmental stresses, while still maintaining top quality and performance. Our program also focuses on generating genomic information, which relates phenotypic traits to DNA nucleotide polymorphism.

Some of our current research includes:

  • Cold tolerance in warm-season grasses
  • Heat and drought tolerance in tall fescue
  • Disease resistance
  • Utilization of exotic germplasm
  • Mutation breeding
  • QTL mapping

Plant Genetics Course

CS-211, Plant Genetics

A three credit course offered every spring

CS211 will give you a thorough knowledge of the basic principles and concepts of genetics, especially in regard to crop and horticultural plants. You'll learn to understand “every day” situations and be prepared for more in-depth study of the science of genetics.