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NCSU Turfgrass Pavilion Dedication

August 14, 2008
By Grady Miller and Emily Erickson

The Turfgrass Pavilion
People sitting inside the turfgrass pavilion at its dedication
Four men hold an NC State flag over a plaque at the turfgrass pavilion
The turfgrass pavilion
Several men utilizing the shade brought by the pavilion

The North Carolina Sod Producer's Association (NCSPA) was on hand for the plaque unveiling and dedication of Lake Wheeler's newest turf shelter, the NCSU Turf Pavilion. This 40' by 60' covered shelter overlooks the NCSU Lake Wheeler turf research plots. Sitting inside, visitors, faculty and students can congregate to discuss research and other turf related business. The shelter is a welcome addition to the turf program. It is both beautiful and functional-as North Carolina summers can easily reach over 95 degrees. Last year's turf field day was a record scorcher at 102 degrees-making the Turf Pavilion a VERY welcomed asset to the turf program.

The NCSPA and the strong support of its members were credited by Dean Johnny Wynne for their respective roles in building the Turf Pavilion. Dave McCart (Piedmont Turf Farm)first presented the concept of a building in the summer of 2006 after seeing a shelter at Virginia Tech. He knew the NCSU turf program would benefit from such a structure. It was then, that Turf Program alumni ('74), Neisler (a long time supporter NCSU's recently nationally ranked #1 turf program) became a driving force in the fund raising responsible for making the Turf Pavilion a reality.

Al Wooten (Quality Turf) was NCSPA President at the time and he along with Clark Wooten (Tri-State Turf) worked with the North Carolina Sod Producers Association to facilitate the fundraising. It was a topic at every Board meeting function for a couple of years. Individual producers contributed money to make it possible. Neisler (Oakland Plantation) continued to work passionately with the NCSPA and its members convinced the Turf Pavilion would stand as a "fitting and lasting legacy".

CENTERE Director and NCSU Turf Researcher, Dr. Tom Rufty received a round of applause for his role in coordinating the construction and budget phase of the project. Rufty worked with Director of Golf and Turf Management, Bob Erickson to facilitate this project and ensure its success.

The efforts of this dedicated group were more than visible on what turned out to be a beautiful day, sitting in the shade of this magnificent structure. The view from inside looking in any direction is simply breathtaking. It is a jewel in NCSU's Turf Program crown that shines with Wolfpack pride.

It is no small part thanks to the contributions and efforts of the following companies, organizations, and individuals that the Turf Pavilion Shelter stands at Lake Wheeler today. Please take a moment to thank them by using their services when the need arises.

Gold Sponsors

  • Vandemark Farms, LLC
  • Lawn Pro Sod Farm
  • Sandhill Turf, Inc.
  • Oakland Plantation Turf Farm, Inc.
  • United Turf, Inc.
  • Quality Turf, Inc.
  • Super Sod Carolina
  • Tri-State Turf
  • Slater Turf Farm
  • Piedmont Turf Farm
  • Turf Mountain Sod, Inc.
  • Spring Branch Turf, Inc.

Silver Sponsor

  • DMG Turf, Inc.

Bronze Sponsors

  • Bradsher Contracting
  • Perfect Turf, Inc.
  • Suburban Sod
  • Mackilwean Turf Farm, Inc.

Donor Sponsors

  • Jackson Turf, Inc.
  • Thomas Turf, Inc.
  • Tarheel Turfgrass Co. Inc.
  • Orange Turf Farm
  • SODCO Turf Producers