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Two-lined Spittlebug Alert

Two-lined spittlebugs are small (less than 1/2 in long), dark brown or black insects with two distinct orange or …

Cover photo for New Factsheet: Bermudagrass Mites

New Factsheet: Bermudagrass Mites

A new factsheet was released to the Extension Resource Database on bermudagrass mites. Bermudagrass mites are tiny, worm-like arachnids present …


Wilmington Conference and Short Course

These two EVENTS have been CANCELED. Wilmington Regional Turfgrass Conference, March 27, 2020 N.C. Cooperative Extension, New Hanover County More info and …

EPA Issues Review of Glyphosate

EPA just issued a review of glyphosate. Here is the most significant statement “As part of this action, EPA …