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Photo of Terri Billeisen, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Terri BilleisenExtension Associate (919) 515-7464 tlhoctor@ncsu.eduEntomology and Plant PathologyPhoto of Dan Bowman, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Dan BowmanProfessor, Crop Science (919) 515-2805 dan_bowman@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Rick Brandenburg, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Rick BrandenburgExtension Specialist (Peanuts & Turf) & Department Extension Leader (919) 515-8876 rick_brandenburg@ncsu.eduEntomology and Plant PathologyPhoto of Lee Butler, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionLee ButlerExtension Coordinator (919) 513-3878 elbutler@ncsu.eduEntomology and Plant PathologyPhoto of Rich Cooper, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Rich CooperProfessor, Crop Science (919) 515-7600 rich_cooper@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Emily Erickson, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionEmily EricksonCrop Science Lecturer (919) 513-2034 emily_erickson@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Travis Gannon, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Travis GannonAssistant Professor (919) 515-2647 (Office) travis_gannon@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Garry Grabow, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Garry GrabowExtension Specialist and Professor (919) 513-7348 garry_grabow@ncsu.eduBiological & Agricultural EngineeringPhoto of Jim Kerns, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Jim KernsAssociate Professor and Extension Specialist (Turfgrass Pathology) (919) 515-2730 (Office) jpkerns@ncsu.eduEntomology and Plant PathologyPhoto of Matt Martin, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionMatt MartinExtension Associate - Turfgrass, NCSU Crop Science Dept (910) 675-2314 (Office) matthew_martin@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Susana Milla-Lewis, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Susana Milla-LewisAssociate Professor, Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics (919) 515-3196 susana_milla-lewis@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Grady Miller, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Grady MillerProfessor (919) 515-5656 grady_miller@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Charles Peacock, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Charles PeacockProfessor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist (919) 515-7615 charles_peacock@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Ron Qu, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Ron QuProfessor, Crop Science (919) 515-7616 rongda_qu@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Robert Richardson, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Robert RichardsonExtension Crop Science Specialist and Associate Professor (919) 515-2647 (Office) rob_richardson@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Tom Rufty, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Tom RuftyProfessor (919) 515-3660 tom_rufty@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Danesha Seth Carley, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Danesha Seth CarleyDirector, SIPMC & NC IPM Coordinator (919) 513-8189 danesha_carley@ncsu.eduHorticultural SciencePhoto of Wei Shi, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Wei ShiProfessor, Crop Science (919) 515-2647 (Office) wei_shi@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil SciencesPhoto of Fred Yelverton, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Fred YelvertonExtension Specialist (Turfgrass / Forage Crop Weed Mgt) (919) 515-5639 fred_yelverton@ncsu.eduCrop and Soil Sciences