2015 Fall Armyworm Alert!

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Insects are difficult to predict; however, fall armyworm problems may be on the way again this year. A lot of armyworm egg-masses have already found, so egg-hatch and armyworm larvae entering the turf will not be far behind. This potentially could lead to big problems in mid to late summer. Therefore, turf managers should start conducting regular scouting for armyworms, and be prepared implement control if necessary. Armyworm moths lay their eggs on plants and other objects adjacent to the turf, and the caterpillars move in from the edge. On golf courses, the eggs are frequently seen on flags, right on the greens. The caterpillars move fast, so scouting and early detection are important. Areas where flocks of birds are seen feeding in the turf should be checked immediately, as the birds may be feeding on armyworms. Once they are detected, border sprays are a cost effective means of control. For more information on armyworm scouting and control see: