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NC State Extension

NC State Turfgrass DIA ImageJ Plugin

NCSU Turf DIA is a plugin for the open-source image processing software ImageJ. This tool offers rapid batch analysis of digital turf images to report means and standard deviations of hue angle, saturation, and brightness of each image.


Zhang, C., G.D. Pinnix, Z. Zhang, G.L. Miller, and T.W. Rufty. © 2017. Evaluation of Key Methodology for Digital Image Analysis of Turfgrass Color Using Open-source Software. Crop Science.

Installation and Usage

Step 1:

(skip ahead to Step 2 if you already have ImageJ installed)

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Click and run plugin. A dialog window will prompt the user to select the source file folder that contains JPEG images to be processed for this batch task. No particular naming rules are necessary for images.
  • Once source file folder is selected, another dialog window will prompt the user to designate where to save analysis result output file, which is in CSV format.

Step 4:

Once previous selections are made, plugin starts batch processing, indicated by the progress bar. Output CSV file will appear in designated folder when processing completes.