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TurfFiles Publications and Factsheets

Soil Acidity and Liming: Basic Information for Farmers and Gardeners12/12/2018
Carolina Lawns: A Guide to Maintaining Quality Turf in the Landscape05/23/2016
Tall Fescue Lawn Maintenance Calendar12/01/2000
Bermudagrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar12/01/2000
Zoysiagrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar08/03/2020
Centipedegrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar12/01/2000
White Grubs in Turf10/25/2017
Large Patch in Turf11/14/2017
2020 Top Performing Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivars Across the Transition Zone and North Carolina08/03/2020
2020 Pest Control for Professional Turfgrass Managers12/17/2019
Soil Acidity and Liming for Agricultural Soils03/02/2017
Crane Fly Larvae in Turf10/25/2017
Soils and Water Quality05/01/2020
Algae in Turf11/09/2017
Selecting and Managing Lawn Grasses for Shade03/01/1998
Fairy Ring in Turf11/10/2017
Earthworms in Turf10/25/2017
Scoliid Wasps in Turf10/25/2017
Guide to Using Turf Colorants08/29/2018
Red Leaf Spot in Turf11/10/2017
Chinch Bugs in Turf10/25/2017
St. Augustinegrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar05/01/2004
Fire Ants in Commercial Turfgrass, Home Lawns and Landscapes02/27/2018
Pythium Blight in Turf11/14/2017
2017 Top Performing Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fine Fescue Cultivars for North Carolina08/23/2017
Brown Patch in Turf11/14/2017
Leaf Spot in Turf11/15/2017
Bermudagrass Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar01/01/1997
Ground Pearls in Turf10/25/2017
Millipedes in Turf10/25/2017
Leaf and Sheath Blight in Turf12/17/2019
Annual Ryegrass11/02/2017
Dollar Spot in Turf11/10/2017
Mole Crickets in Turf10/25/2017
Perennial Ryegrass11/03/2017
Diseases of Cool-Season Grasses05/01/1998
Take-All Root Rot in Turf12/16/2019
Kentucky Bluegrass11/07/2017
Anthracnose in Turf11/14/2017
Tall Fescue11/07/2017
Cicada Killer Wasps in Turf10/25/2017
Annual Bluegrass Weevil in Turf10/25/2017
Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass Home Lawn Calendar12/01/2000
Creeping Bentgrass11/03/2017
Fine Fescue11/07/2017
Summer Patch in Turf11/10/2017
Managing Lawns and Gardens to Protect Water Quality02/19/2020
Fall Armyworms in Turf10/25/2017
Yellow Patch in Turf11/14/2017
Globe Sedge10/26/2017
Pythium Root Dysfunction in Turf11/15/2017
Cutworms in Turf10/25/2017
2020 Sod Producers' Report for North Carolina05/26/2020
Yellowjackets in Turf10/25/2017
Annual Sedge10/26/2017
Purple Deadnettle11/20/2017
Persian Speedwell11/27/2017
Prostrate Knotweed11/21/2017
Common Lespedeza11/22/2017
Purple Nutsedge10/31/2017
Yellow Foxtail11/09/2017
St. Augustinegrass10/31/2017
Spotted Spurge11/27/2017
Carolina False Dandelion11/20/2017
Wild Violet11/29/2017
Lawn Burrweed11/15/2017
Virginia Buttonweed11/20/2017
Carpetgrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar10/01/2000
Nematodes in Turf10/25/2017
Water Quality for Golf Course Superintendents and Professional Turf Managers01/01/2001
Gray Leaf Spot in Turf11/13/2017
Spring Dead Spot in Turf11/14/2017
Hairy Buttercup11/16/2017
Carolina Geranium11/21/2017
Algae and Moss Control in Turf09/01/1995
Organic Lawn Care: A Guide to Organic Lawn Maintenance and Pest Management for North Carolina09/25/2020
Red Thread in Turf11/14/2017
Sod Webworms in Turf10/25/2017
Cylindric Sedge10/26/2017
Florida Betony11/16/2017
Buckhorn Plantain11/22/2017
Mouseear Chickweed11/20/2017
Water Requirements of North Carolina Turfgrasses02/09/2018
Rust in Turf11/10/2017
Pythium Root Rot in Turf11/14/2017
Common Dandelion11/16/2017
Yellow Woodsorrel11/29/2017
White Clover11/16/2017
Insect Management in Turf04/01/1998
Interpreting Freeze / Frost Probabilities from the National Centers for Environmental Information02/28/2020
Yellow Tuft in Turf11/10/2017
Microdochium Patch in Turf11/15/2017
Japanese Beetles in Turf10/25/2017
Large Crabgrass11/08/2017
Common Ragweed11/22/2017
Pink Purslane11/22/2017
Smooth Crabgrass11/09/2017
Yellow Nutsedge10/26/2017
Cutleaf Evening-Primrose11/21/2017
Ivyleaf Speedwell11/27/2017
Blackseed Plantain11/22/2017
Common Chickweed11/20/2017
Nematodes in Turf01/09/2020
Rough Bluegrass11/07/2017
Copper Spot in Turf11/10/2017
Slime Mold in Turf11/10/2017
Annual Bluegrass11/09/2017
Indian Mock Strawberry11/27/2017
Sericea Lespedeza11/22/2017
Corn Speedwell11/27/2017
Green Foxtail11/09/2017
Moles in Turf10/25/2017
Thin (bull) paspalum11/08/2017
Crayfish in Turf10/25/2017
Green Kyllinga10/27/2017
Bulbous Buttercup11/20/2017
Hop Clover11/20/2017
Prickly Lettuce11/22/2017
Red Sorrel11/27/2017
Cat's Ear Dandelion11/29/2017
Landscape Irrigation Auditing Made Simple02/07/2018
Sugarcane Beetles in Turf10/25/2017
Water Quality and Professional Turfgrass Managers01/01/2001
2016 Top Performing Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivars for North Carolina09/02/2016
Voles in Turf10/25/2017
Twolined Spittlebugs in Turf10/25/2017
Damping Off in Turf11/10/2017
Powdery Mildew in Turf11/14/2017
Net Blotch in Turf11/09/2017
Field Pansy11/22/2017
Spiny Sowthistle11/27/2017
Broadleaf Plantain11/22/2017
Ground Ivy11/16/2017
Ground-Nesting Bees in Turf10/25/2017
Water Quality and Home Lawn Care01/01/2001
Rhodesgrass Mealybugs in Turf10/25/2017
White Patch in Turf11/10/2017
Smallflower Buttercup11/15/2017
Common Vetch11/27/2017
Wild Garlic11/16/2017
Curly Dock11/20/2017
Roundleaf Greenbriar11/21/2017
Water Quality and Commercial Lawn Care11/01/2001
Maximizing the Durability of Athletic Fields01/01/2010
Baseball Field Layout and Construction01/01/2010
Zoysiagrass Mites05/23/2019
Hairy Bittercress11/20/2017
Hairy Vetch11/27/2017
Water Quality and Professional Lawn Care01/01/2001
Springtails in Turf10/25/2017
Gray Snow Mold in Turf11/10/2017
Hunting Billbugs in Turf10/25/2017
Japanese Stiltgrass11/09/2017
Nuisance Ants in Turf10/25/2017
Pesticide Selection for Water Quality Protection12/01/2000
Water Quality and Turfgrass Area Development06/01/2005
Hornets in Turf10/25/2017
Oldfield Toadflax11/27/2017
Clover Mites in Turf10/25/2017
Carolina Athletic Fields: A Guide to Maintaining Quality Turf on Athletic Turf06/01/2011
2015 Turfgrass Pest Management Manual06/01/2015

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